Matt Zebroski

music drummer brooklyn jazz rock classical crossover new york city AST fusion 

Matt Zebroski began playing drums professionally at age 16 in Pittsburgh, PA.  At 18, Matt moved to New York to attend The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.  There he studied with some of the world’s most notable Jazz musicians including Billy Hart, John Riley, Charlie Persip, and Richie Beirach. Matt quickly developed into a highly accomplished player and instructor, taught private lessons in New York, and conducted clinics at the Litchfield Jazz Camp.  While at the New School, Matt met guitarist Alex Skolnick, of Testament.  In 2001 the two formed the Alex Skolnick Trio.  They have since recorded four studio albums and toured worldwide with the guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriella, playing historic venues such as Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the Olympia Theater in Paris, and Shepherd's Bush in London.  The trio’s 5th recording is set to be released in Winter of 2016, and will be followed by a European and US tour.

Matt has also had the pleasure of recording/performing with such artists as Lew Soloff, Bonnie Tyler, multi-platinum songwriter Jim Steinman, Grammy nominated cellist Dave Eggar, Metal band IKILLYA Broadway star Rob Evan, Philippe Quint, Matt Herskowitz, Miles Davis keyboardist/producer Adam Holzman, and Grammy award winning polka artist Alex Meixner.  Matt Is also a founding member of the group the Flail,  a Jazz quintet that has toured all over the U.S. and Europe, playing concerts at Jazz at Vienne and Marseille Jazz Festival.  He has recently  toured across the U.S. and China with Broadway Rox, an exciting broadway/rock musical review produced by Rob Evan and Thomas Schilling.  He has also been working with world renowned violinist Daisy Jopling, touring 23 cities in China and performing in Europe at the world famous musikverein hall in Vienna.  Daisy's record is set to be released in 2016. Matt continues to work on developing his style in a way that seamlessly incorporates all different aspects and styles of music.

A fan review on summed it up: Drummer Matt Zebroski deserves special mention. He can swing like crazy or pound his drum kit like Keith Moon. His sound is endlessly colorful, accents, swirls, soft taps, raps, rim-shots. Delicate and whisper quiet to freight train loud. Hi-hat, ride, splash, crash, and a few other cymbals are all used to fullest effect. He’s in the pocket, then everywhere, but always back in time and it always sounds right. The icing on the cake is a superb recording. Every nuance is captured, yet the drums never overpower the mix. Does it sound like I’m impressed by this young man? You bet. IMHO Matt Zebroski is a name to watch.